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If you’ve got one of my RGB trees or GPIO Xmas trees then why not control them from a Pico microcontroller using my new adapter board?

Also, have you heard of my new Pico360 for the Raspberry Pi Pico? The red header top-right can accept one of my GPIO Xmas trees, BTW!

Raspberry Pi 400 users, here’s one for you to solder: an easy-to-solder Xmas Tree for the Pi 400 that connects to the GPIO pins and peeps above the keyboard (see below). You can find out more here.

tree on 400 front

My GPIO Xmas Tree (below) is a simple festive gizmo that can be programmed in Scratch or Python. Find out more about the tree and how to buy it. If you are a competent solderer and feeling brave then you can also try the self-solder kit version of the tree.


Want to add some festive coloured lights and sound effects to your micro:bit? Why not check out my micro:bit RGB Xmas Tree?


Need help with a kit you have soldered?

If you need help with assembling or troubleshooting one of my kits, please get in touch.

You can still read about my original 2014 Xmas Tree for Raspberry Pi