Welcome to pocketmoneytronics!

Looking for RGB Tree for Raspberry Pi and micro:bit or Codebug?

Here is an overview of how to build and program it. It’s quite brief at the moment, sorry.


Looking for original monochrome GPIO Xmas Tree from 2014?!

Here are some instructions for how to build & program my GPIO Xmas Tree for the Raspberry Pi.

GPIO Xmas Tree for Raspberry Pi

GPIO Xmas Tree for Raspberry Pi


A Kit A Month Soldering Subscription

If you are a subscriber to my ‘A Kit A Month’ subscription service (which was on Kickstarter a while ago) then you can find some helpful resources and videos here.


Are you looking for some fun kits to build?!

I was keen to make a range of low-cost easy-to-solder kits available to schools, clubs and hobbyists, and so pocketmoneytronics.co.uk was born! You can see the kits here and find details of how to order on the Prices and Ordering page (note: currently kits are available for delivery in the UK only).