Here is a selection of kit I made to give newcomers to electronics some simple kits to solder and experiment with. I’ve made plenty more since these first kits, such as a miniature electronic organ, a surface-mount soldering practice kit and kits for the Raspberry Pi and micro:bit. If you would like to know more, please get use the “Contact” button above to get in touch.


Mini 9v Christmas Tree

tree frontThis is a simple Christmas Tree with three LEDs and two resistors powered by a 9v PP3 battery. The markings on the back of the PCB make it particularly easy to get the orientation of the LEDs correct. When finished, students could use a multimeter to make some voltage measurements and verify Kirchoff’s law.


Nellie the nine-volt robot


As the name suggests, Nellie runs from a 9v PP3 battery. As well as being easy to solder, Nellie can be used to show a bit of electronics theory if you have access to a multimeter.



Eric the easy-to-solder robot

Eric front Eric back

Eric is a fun kit for soldering workshops because he is powered by a coin cell and can be made into a badge or hung from a lanyward. Many Eric kits have been soldered at Raspberry Jams in Cambridge, Southend and London!


Two-transistor astable / flashing LEDs

transistor astable

This is a classic circuit using capacitors, resistors and transistors to alternately flash two LEDs. Runs from a 9v PP3 battery.